About Our Firm

Wealth Management

Capital City Asset Management Group, LLC is a SEC Registered Investment Advisory company (RIA) that offers customized discretionary asset management programs.  These programs include an active long/short strategy which trades frequently on technical market indicators; a contrarian strategy that incorporates investments in deeply discounted corporate bonds with value stocks using fundamental analysis; as well as asset allocation models using ETFs and downside risk management.  Customized portfolios may include private equity, insurance products, government securities, municipal securities, commercial paper and more.

Brokerage Services

Capital City Securities, LLC is a securities broker-dealer that offers traditional commission based brokerage accounts and is a member firm of FINRA, SIPC and is licensed with the MSRB.  Capital City Securities offers a full line of brokerage products and services including, but not limited to, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, CDs, government securities, municipal securities and private equity.

Investment Banking

Capital City Consulting Group, LLC strives to be a value added investment banker focused on executing diverse mandates, whether they be advisory and/or transaction oriented.  The group always seeks to build new and meaningful relationships with quality middle market private companies, small cap public companies, management teams, board of directors and various professional advisers.  The quality services that the group provides include:  Principal and Agency Placements, Institutional Capital Sourcing, Private Placement of Equity, Senior and Sub-Debt Placements, Venture Capital Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Advisory and Consulting Services and Proprietary Fund Management.

Insurance Services

Capital City Insurance Group, LLC is a life, health and annuity insurance agency offering products and services to businesses, their employees and high net-worth individuals.  The experienced agents at Capital City Insurance look to minimize your costs, maximize your coverage and manage your risk in order to provide you with piece of mind.